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Straight Candid X What We've been up to

Crisp & Green Minneapolis Workout

On October 9th, Syd & Soph hosted a live workout event at the Crisp & Green Minneapolis location. 100+ listeners attended and Karen got the cops to come too!

HelloTefi Joined the Pod!

Tefi is currently going viral on TikTok, hosted a Ted X, and influencing across all social media platforms around SELF CONFIDENCE (oh, and she's a Cancer). Tefi tells us how she built her career and her Britney Spears obsession, and how she has lived through toxic relationships, sympathizing with all women who have also been in something damaging. Listen for more HERE!

Straight Candid LIVE Boat Episode

Straight Candid recorded from an unusual place... LAKE MINNETONKA, MN thanks to BudLight! Check out our recap video that will leave your jaw on the floor... What. A. Day.

Straight Candid Podcast

Where taboo conversations are not only OK, they are welcome. Join the candid community and DM us your #StraightCandid Moments!

Straight Candid

Ladies! I truly appreciate the realness you bring to a world of people constantly trying to impress one another. Your episodes give me reassurance that life isn’t perfect and that’s OKAY! You’re the only podcast I’ve found that is so well versed in topics, constantly engaging and leaves me wanting to be your friend. Whether it’s a syd poop story or a soph hating cats moment you always have me laughing!! I actually look forward to my commute on Thursdays bc I know it’s straight candid day😋 The dynamic you ladies have with eachother reminds me a lot of my old college roomate and I which makes me love you guys even more<3 I found you on my Insta explorer page back in March and have listened to every episode since. Much love all the way from NY🤍 


Thursdays are the the best day of the week

Straight down the best podcast I’ve listened thus far! It has been amazing seeing the growth. I’ve never missed an episode and I am always wanting more! The topics are so relatable and the content given is so helpful! I look forward to Thursdays mornings every week:)


Straight Addicted

I recently found this podcast and found it so refreshing, genuine, and real. Syd and Soph are not afraid to dive head first into all the topics we are sometimes afraid to discuss out loud but we are always thinking or wondering about. This podcast definitely makes me feel less alone in my everyday 20 something struggles!


Where have these people been all my life?

Just started listening and am loving how genuine and normal they are. The phrase “straight candid” is exactly how I would describe myself and I find myself considering moving to Minneapolis to befriend these people. Straight candid people are my people. Thank you for bringing this podcast into the world for people to hear. Thank you for bearing your souls so that others may find people they can relate to. Can’t wait to keep listening!!


Best podcast

This is the only podcast I’ve ever gotten into. Awesome perspectives and learning tips for all ages. I’ve learned so much about myself listening to this podcast. Their topics are relatable and help me learn further understand who I am as well as enjoying their stories. Their ability to talk bout anything and everything while still educating and entertaining is outstanding.